Machine learning for multimedia processing


I work with kernel mappings of audio sequences, discriminant and generative classification methods and non-linear dimensionality reduction algorithms.

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Courses:   Statistical learning theory    Andrew Y. Ng   
Software:   Spider    LIBSVM    Torch    Netlab    R project    Ndaona    Semidefinite embedding   
Articles:   SVM Tutorials    SVM Papers    Manifold learning    Gaussian process   
SVM Stuff:    summer schools   

I work on general purpose descriptors for audio and images. I segment speech and identify basic phonetic units on the signal.

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Digital Signal Processing with Applications
Software:   Matlab Central     Mistral - Alize    Transcriber    HTK    LNKnet     VOICEBOX: Speech Processing Toolbox for MATLAB    Snack   
Books:   DSP Books    DSP Guru   


I am interested in automatic structuring of hypermedia documents. The task involves several technologies: parameters extraction, pattern recognition, indexing, clustering, fuse of decisions, information retrieval and document modelling.

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Comparisonics    Muscle Fish    Baeza's IR Talk